Why can't I be self-employed?

Agencies that use Contractors are reluctant to pay you for your time unless they receive a valid tax invoice. This is because if they are deemed to have paid someone who should have been an employee then they can be penalised for the PAYE and National Insurance you should have paid if you had been an employee.

You are therefore required to either set-up your own Limited Company or join an Umbrella company. The latter confirms your employment status.

I am already with another Umbrella Company, but am not happy with their service, what can I do?
Register with us today. Inform your current umbrella company you are leaving and request your P45 from them. On receipt, forward it to us and we will do the rest! We will set you up within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on our service levels, because your pay matters!
Do I need to file a personal tax return (Self Assessment)?

You will be sent a P60 at year end. All your tax and NI from your Smart Pay income will be notified to HMRC in Real Time (RTI).

Do you charge a set-up or initial fee?


What do you charge?

Our margin is either £27 per week or £81.50 per month. Please note we offset our margin before we calculate your Gross Pay for tax. This means that the net cost to you is much less than the weekly & monthly margins we publish.

Daily Margin 20% Tax 40% tax 45% tax
£6 £4 £2 £1
Weekly Margin 20% Tax 40% tax 45% tax
£27 £16 £14 £13
Monthly Margin 20% Tax 40% tax 45% tax
£81.50 £49 £41 £38
If I leave your Umbrella, do you charge a fee?

We do not charge a termination fee.

Why do I get charged for employers NIC?

Our Umbrella company has to pay Employers’ National Insurance at 13.8% of your gross pay over the lower earnings limit.

We pass on the whole of the profit on your contract to you less the costs we incur on your behalf, our margin and any monies you have already been paid.

When do I get paid?

We perform daily BACS payments. So, as soon as we receive your payment we forward it onto your Bank Account. We can pay in UK Sterling, Euros or Dollars.

How do I know what and when I’ve been paid?

We email to you a Payslip. Payslips are also available to view online.

What do I need to do to get paid?

All you need to do is submit your timesheet and expense claim on the weekly or monthly due date.

As soon as we receive it we issue an invoice for amounts owed from the end client and we monitor to ensure invoices are paid on due dates.

As part of our service we will remind you if we believe you have forgotten to submit a timesheet.

To avoid paying emergency tax you will need to send in your P45 from your previous employment or umbrella company. If you do not have one you can download a P46 from this website.

What expenses can I claim to reduce my Tax Bill?

We publish our Expenses Guidelines on this website. Please click here read the Guidelines.

Do I need my own Insurances?

No. We provide Professional Indemnity Insurance with cover up to £5m, Employers Liability £10m and Public Liability £5m. If your contract requires additional insurance to this we can help arrange this for you at competitive rates.

Do you offer any pension arrangements?

We offer a Stakeholder Pension.

What happens if I need proof of earnings for a mortgage application?

We are happy to provide proof of earnings and employment history on request.

How do I join SmartPay?

We would encourage you to call us so that we can provide you with a personal illustration and talk through the Umbrella service in more detail with you. If you prefer to go ahead on the basis of what a friend has told you or from what you have read on this site then please register today.