REC responds to TUC claims over worker mistreatment

In response to the TUC claiming that agency workers are being mistreated by the Agency Workers Regulations, REC head of policy Kate Shoesmith said:

“It is wholly misleading of the TUC to describe pay between assignments (PBA) or Swedish Derogation contracts as a loophole as they are part of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) that were assembled following consultation with the unions.

“Most workers are now much better off as a result of AWR as they receive equal pay after 12 weeks. Or they can sign up to become a permanent employee of their recruitment agency where they are paid when not on assignments and have access to benefits that they would not have been eligible to before such as protection from unfair dismissal, maternity leave and statutory redundancy pay by signing a PBA contract.

“The UK economy has made a positive start on the long road to recovery and to disrupt this excellent progress by picking at regulations that the unions played a key role in constructing could put workers’ jobs at risk.”